The Ritual Of The Earth

Youngin Hong, Rashmi Khurana, Myungdo Kim, Tiina Mielonen, Leta Peer, Jiyeon Sung

AYU Gallery at AYU SPACE

Curated by Miyoung von Platen

Six female artists from Switzerland, India, Finland, USA, UK & France express their consciousness through different techniques and subjects. The works shown in this group exhibition display a unique imaginary forest and subtle spiritual world through various mediums such as photography, oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, and embroidery.

The exhibition title, 'The Ritual of the Earth’, allows for various interpretations. It is not only a name that symbolizes AYU SPACE's Hanok Prithvi Gallery but also the relationship with nature that lies behind the appearance of the work, such as dreams, longing, fear, beauty, and mystery hidden in the work. They present their own earth-like worldview with different techniques and order.

Through partitions installed like folding screens within the indoor exhibition hall of Hanok, you can quietly appreciate the six works with a cup of coffee while appreciating the hidden secrets and meanings of the artworks.

This exhibition was planned with the hope that their works will be reinterpreted at AYU SPACE, which has an architectural, natural, and cultural context separate from the existing ordinary gallery space.