“AYU Sourdough Bread with Five Senses”

AYU BAKERY starts the day by checking its 'Levain' starter. Based on traditional recipes, AYU bread has a stable mixture of beneficial bacteria from a naturally fermented starter that is easy to digest with a healthy and flavorful dough. Like the food culture of enjoying kimchi in Korea, French people think of Levain bread as a nourishing fermented food and eat it regularly.

There are many people who think that the wheat in bread is an unhealthy ingredient that is difficult to digest compared to rice. If you look at the scientific facts, wheat flour has the same carbohydrates as rice. And even whole grains that are said to be good for your health can be difficult for the gut to break down if you don't go through the right manufacturing process. AYU SPACE aims to enhance the value of healthy bread culture by slowly making bread with a low temperature rising method and natural, direct fermentation with organic wheat flour from a farm in Sweden.

The secret of AYU fermented bread lies in subtraction, not addition. AYU bread, which contains natural fermented bacteria and good ingredients grown in nature, without unnecessary additives and artificial sweeteners, allows us to absorb fermented products and enzymes that are beneficial to our gut health. The absorbed beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus Brevis & Phytic Acid) play a big role in absorbing healthy nutrients by increasing the activity and production of good microorganisms in the intestine.

AYU’s naturally fermented bread, made by rising for a long time and engaging all five senses, is healthy and easily digestible with a wonderfully savory texture, taste, and aroma.